About Us

Ibiza Design and Architecture Services: Transforming Private homes and Retails into Beautiful spaces

Welcome to Studio Rethink Ibiza, a design and architecture firm founded in 2018 on the beautiful island of Ibiza. We are a group of experienced professionals passionate about integrating fine materials and the latest technologies with the originality of craftsmanship.

What We Do

We project and build the interior of your dream


Interior Design

From the concept, planning, and site inspections, as well as the research of the latest trends.

Circular Design

In our circular design laboratory, the PLÚSTIC LAB, we create home decor, furniture, and art from plastic waste. promoting the path towards sustainability

Custom Furniture

Furniture fabrication, made with selected innovative material, included recycled plastic.

3D Printing

Our digital fabrication machines have Endless opportunities for creations made with 3d printers and sustainable or recycled filaments.

Laser Cutting

Digital manufacturing machines transform any idea into creation with total precision and quality.


They have trusted us

View our clients’ ideas brought to life. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies to ensure that our projects are both functional and beautiful. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, timing, and sustainable approaches. Take a look at our projects for interior design, custom furniture, 3D printing, laser cutting to see how we bring unique concepts to life through thoughtful design.

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